Trying to plan a wedding on a very tight budget?

Weddings can put a dent in a bride and groom’s finances for years to come. If you are operating on a very small budget, you definitely need to find ways to cut costs. If you really need to save money, elope. However, if you are still thinking of a wedding, here are 8 tricks to save a lot of money!

#1 CUT YOUR GUESTS LIST TO A MINIMUM, like 50 – 70. Food is the biggest ticket item. You don’t need to invite everyone you ever knew. Invite those only in your inner circle.

#2 Don’t choose Saturday. This is the high demand day. Instead, opt for Friday or Sunday. Or if you’re really interested in saving money, do a weekday with a brunch.

#3 If you absolutely must have Saturday, do it at a family member’s home.

#4 If you are having it at a family member’s home, coordinate a potluck. It works and saves your biggest amount of money that you would have spent for catering.

#5 Have your dress made by a seamstress, or buy one used off of Ebay or Craigslist.

#6 Have either no bridal party, or just one each. Tell your MOH to go pick her own dress, telling her what color you hope for. A wedding is not about the bridal party. It’s about you and your husband-to-be.

#7 If your small group does in fact end up at a restaurant, don’t include alcohol. The restaurant will have a bar and if the guest is dying for a drink, they can find their way there.

#8 Be realistic with your expectations. Some things are just not that important. Your guests will not care about STD cards, expensive invitations, coordinating tablecloths and overlays, favors, guest signing, expensive centerpieces. They want to watch you get married and they want to have fun at your reception; that’s it.

Because your guests want to have fun, don’t ditch having a DJ, who can read what the group wants. And most importantly, while you need to do your wedding on a budget, the most important things of the day are your commitment to each other and your memories. Having a professional photographer, even if it’s only for 2 – 4 hours, is something you will be glad you did as the years go by. Your memories are important. So are your pictures.

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