Advice about sharing wedding pictures and other preferences

Some great advice about sharing pictures of your wedding dress before the wedding and also everyone taking pictures during the ceremony, from Colin Cowie’s blog:

1. DON’T share pictures of your dress before the wedding.
We girls know there are just some things that are better kept secret… and your wedding dress is one of them! Aside from saying “I do”, the most exciting part of a wedding for both the bride and her guests is the big reveal. If you’re dying to snap a picture, take a very close up photo of your wedding dress fabric and let your social followers guess what you’ll wear down the aisle.

2. DON’T expect guests to know your social preferences.
If attendees snapping pictures throughout your wedding day will be a major pet peeve, it’s important to let them know. Leave a note in your ceremony program or place a sign on the card table that asks your guests to limit their cell phone use.

3. DON’T allow photos during the ceremony.
Imagine receiving your wedding photos and realizing that Uncle Bob is in the third row with his iPad capturing every minute of your ceremony. It’s not only a nightmare to Photoshop, but a huge distraction for your guests. Ask your officiant, rabbi or priest to request that no photos be taken during the ceremony, and the bride and groom will allow a great opportunity for photos after the ceremony.

4. DO create a hashtag.
If you’re addicted to Instagram like the CCW team, include a hashtag at the bottom of your wedding invitation and encourage guests to use it if they post photos from your wedding.

5. DO take selfies.
While we’re not advocating the use of your cell phone throughout your big day, we do approve taking a few selfies of you and your newlywed (ie. 60 seconds worth). These few photos are the ones you’ll remember while still being very present during your wedding day.

6. DO limit your cell phone use.
There’s a good chance that you hired a professional photographer to capture every moment you share with your nearest and dearest, so keep your cell out of sight! That’s what #latergram is for.

–Keely-Shea Smith

Carmel beach wedding

Monterey beach wedding



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10 Signs You’re With The Person You Should Marry


I love it when people find their THIS-IS-IT, special someone! I saw an article about “Ten Signs You’re With Person You Should Marry” by Laura Donovan and decided it was worth posting a link to this very fun,  but exactly right article! (Make sure you catch page 2 which have the last 3 signs!)


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The New Wedding Rules

I found this article on CNN regarding the fact that there are no hard-and-fast rules for weddings like there used to be for your grandmothers.

This picture is from one of my all time favorite weddings, small but very memorable. One of the unique choices of the couple was the kazoo music that was for the wedding procession!





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WPPI Master of Photography acknowledgment

I did not go to an international photography convention called WPPI this year. Wish I had gone. I just found out that I was listed during awards night with some really gifted photographers, as a master photographer. I feel enormously honored to be named.


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It’s not just about the pictures in looking for your wedding photographer

We saw this video recently on a photography forum. It’s a video from a professional videographer who worked at a wedding that included, what we felt, were two really unprofessional, really intrusive photographers, who really made the job of the videographer next to impossible. But more importantly, the couple was not the center of attention. So yes, look at photographers pictures, but also make sure that who you choose will be UNOBTRUSIVE!

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Remember what is most important about your wedding

There was a great article in Huffington by photographer Anne Almasy that I thought should be here, too. Most people don’t realize in looking at Real Weddings in a magazine or online, that those weddings are published primarily because of the flower/bouquet pictures, the details of the tables, the details of the cake. Those photos ideally are photographed with NO people in them. The pictures of the couple are very secondary to the magazines.

The most important part of your wedding is you and your about-to-become life partner; it’s about your family and friends who are cheering you on and love you. Take a moment to read this article:


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The Importance Of A Wedding Photographer

This was said recently by a bride to a photographer regarding the importance of wedding photography: “You’re not just a wedding photographer . . . You’re a historian . . You’re an archivist . . You leave a permanent addition in this world when you’re no longer around.. You’re telling the beginning of a family’s HISTORY.” I loved that. Make sure to have pictures of your family, from the beginning and throughout the years.


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Your wedding day schedule & how to optimize your photographs!

There is a time of day that is called ‘the golden hour’, which is technically an hour before sunset. Sunlight is no longer harsh; photographs taken during this time are usually the most flattering. These things are normally not taken into consideration when planning a wedding.

Consider creating your wedding day, if possible, to have the one hour of photography that typically is right after the ceremony, of the family, the bridal party, then just the couple. Even doing this hour two hours before sunset is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than doing these pictures in the middle of the day.

Winter weddings can create an opposite problem with timing. A bride might decide to have her wedding at 4:30, without considering that sunset is before 5. All the ambient light, the best light of the day, is GONE. If this case, consider having your ceremony start about an hour and a half or two hours before sunset. This will make that hour of photography after the ceremony with the sweetest light of the day. Optimize your wedding photography with sunset in mind!



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Waffle Wedding Wife

Although this has been out for 4 years on youtube, I only just saw it for the first time today. It’s a lot of fun and obviously, they thought so, too!

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7 Ways To Ruin Your Wedding With A Smartphone

This one is too good not to share! From a blog by a bridal blogger named Stephanie Herbst, on Huffington Post, March 30, 2013:

I think I would add one more: Don’t stand in the aisle to take a picture of the procession or stand in front of the photographer during the ceremony. If you have family member who thinks they’re going to ‘discreetly’ take their snapshots during the ceremony, think about how that’s going to look in your pro pictures. Here is a great example by Bob Sigler.



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